The Lord revealed to me in December 2010 that He wanted me to go on Christian Radio. So I went in the ministry full-time. I am not a pastor, and I never aspired to be a pastor, I am not ordained by any man or group- though from an early age, I wanted to be a preacher. I took the long way, but He preserved me for His purposes, and His calling on my life. My Testimony is available on The March 3-7, 2014 radio broadcasts.

The Lost Sheep

Like many, I began to wander as a teen when my family fell apart. Though I was raised in church, and was baptized by several different church groups, I became so lost and confused I felt that the Lord didn’t even want me anymore, and things got worse. Craving peace, I left my family and friends in May, 1981 at age 19, and moved to Colorado, alone. I met a nice girl, got married, and together we had 2 daughters. Soon, however, my life  and my marriage fell apart.  Then one summer night in 1988, I picked up an old Bible. As I did, The Lord Jesus Christ personally revealed Himself and His Love to me from the Book of Luke. I accepted that Love, and His Lordship. I was born again, it was 11 PM,  July 13, 1988, in a little house on the corner of 37th and Baseline in Boulder, Colorado.

Church Life

The Lord began to deal with me about going to church. My church experiences were so negative, and my distrust of Christians in general so deep, that I was quite reluctant. “Lord,” I said, “do you know what kind of people go to church? Liars, cheats, hypocrites- it’s dangerous there!” “Yes,” He assured me, “that’s why I need you there.” So I found a church, and became a member,  that was December 1988. For the next few months, I endeavored to navigate through church life. I was raw, but my pastor was patient. A friend had told me about Kenneth Copeland. I’ll never forget the first Believer’s Voice of Victory TV broadcast I saw, Brother Copeland was teaching on Faith from Mark chapter 5. I became a partner, and decided to go to my first Southwest Believer’s Convention in Fort Worth, August 1989.

“Teach Faith”

That Believer’s Convention changed me forever. So many things happened to me there, as The Holy Ghost began to move upon me. One morning as Gloria was speaking -to this day, I have no idea about what- The Lord Spoke to me, not in an audible voice, but it was crystal clear revelation from heaven, so pure, so strong, I knew it was God; “I want you to go back to your home state, and teach children Faith.”  When I returned home, I asked my pastor if I could teach Sunday School, he said yes, and I did for 10 years. From there The Lord has taken me step by step, in different venues, fellowships, and Bible classes, teaching Faith, but up till now not in the full-time ministry, just serving in the local church.


After many years of single Life, He brought her to me, but only when I stopped looking for her. There she was, in her place, serving in church, raising 2 boys by herself, minding her own business. I had been searching for her for years, but I wasn’t ready. I’m so glad she wasn’t looking around for a man at all, the Lord was all she wanted. She was content. When I became content being single, He showed her to me. Psalm 68 says God puts the solitary in families -plural- Families! That was His plan for me all along, and with my 2 daughters, now I have 2 sons, the best in-laws on Earth,  gobs of easy-going nieces and nephews, and 2 grandsons, Sweet Buddy and Brother Love. Cindy came with all the awesome accessories. God is able (and willing!) to do way beyond all I ever asked. My home life is a slice of Heaven on Earth. More than anything, Cindy has taught me loyalty, and family life.  She is the temper in my steel, she mixed wisdom with my knowledge, and she is the root of the fruit in my life. I would not be half the man of God I am today were it not for my Cindy.


Since coming to Colorado,  all these years I had been working in the trucking industry and the lawn and landscape business, with mixed results. Some good years, some not so good. In the fall of 2010, I went to work for a new trucking outfit, but things did not go well. I made mistakes and my boss was frustrated, I couldn’t blame him. One day after I had made another costly mistake, driving home, I prayed, “what’s going on Lord?” On that one commute, in 45 minutes, He changed my life. He showed me that I was a Jonah, out of place, making waves, and creating chaos. Before I got home that day, I knew He wanted me on the radio. Though I have been told many times in life that I have a “voice for radio,” it was never a personal ambition.

From Here…

I know The Lord has plans for this Ministry. My Vision is to bring The Word of Faith to Colorado. It seems that most Christians are well acquainted with the critics and the criticisms, but not the message or the messengers. I know He wants to use The Heart of The Believer radio broadcast to change that. Someday, I believe we’ll see a Believer’s Convention (or something like it) here in Colorado at a neutral site. I want everyone in Colorado to have access to the five-fold ministry, not just sponsoring churches. If you would like to share this vision, or have me visit your church, or a neutral site in your area, contact me, I would love to meet you. BL