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The Heart of The Believer on KLTT 670 AM You can go to the radio website and listen live! Look in the upper right hand corner of their homepage.

You really should listen to Word of Faith Radio….The Heart of the Believer is on wofr at 3:30 PM Mountain time…

Faith Life Church, in Branson, Missouri. Pastor Keith and Phyllis Moore. We learned so much from Brother Keith. His Free Downloads have made a huge difference in our lives. One visit to his church, and you will never be the same. Be careful! You’ll love Branson…

Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Twice¬†a year we attend his conventions. As a spiritual father figure, Brother Copeland has helped us build a foundation in the Word and we owe him so much, he taught us about partnership, walking in Love, and so much more…

Jerrry Savelle Ministries

Jesse Duplantis Ministries

Creflo Dollar Ministries

Bill Winston Ministries

Blue Letter Bible is an online Strong’s Concordance.