Full Definition of PARTNERSHIP from

1:    the state of being a partner :  participation
2a :    a legal relation existing between two or more persons contractually associated as joint principals in a business
 b :    the persons joined together in a partnership
3:    a relationship resembling a legal partnership and usually involving close cooperation between parties having specified and joint rights and responsibilities


Partnership means we both have EQUALLY important roles. Different responsibilities, but your role as a partner is NO LESS important than mine.  For years I’ve heard the same things from my listeners;  problems, challenges, hassles and prayer requests. I can counsel, pray, preach and set an example- but until you are willing to make a change, you will stay right where you are.

I know that the Word you hear from this ministry is life changing. It has changed me, and everything around me. I have listeners however, who have been with me for years, and have experienced NO CHANGE! WHY? No Partnership.

Partnership changes us!   When you sense the Holy Spirit urging you to partner with me, He is endeavoring to take you to a sweeter walk with Jesus, a place of greater power, peace and anointing. As with every crossroad in the Christian Life, God wants to Bless you MORE! We have access to greater Blessing through Faith, and Faith implies obedience.

A LISTENER has no responsibilities, and thus no real relationship- not so with partners. Real partners share in every success, every struggle, every victory, every challenge, every reward. I need FAITHFUL partners every month that I can count on.

 My oaths to my Partners:

  1. Pure in The Word. To forever remain true to the Word of Faith, as I have been taught and commissioned by the Holy Ghost, and as I see in the Scriptures, just as The Lord Jesus Himself taught and preached.
  2. Pure in Finances. To keep this ministry pure financially, and to maintain an accurate accounting of every penny received. The first 10% of every dollar that comes in to Bryan Lee Ministries goes directly to our Bethel Fund, for benevolence; disaster relief, feeding programs, ministry materials for prisoners, and other things as The Lord leads. The Bethel Fund will never be used to pay bills, salaries, or purchasing of any other kind.
  3. Pure in The Flesh. To keep myself and this ministry pure sexually. There will never be even the innuendo or suggestion of inappropriate behavior. I personally do not use alcohol or tobacco or drugs, prescription or otherwise.

Furthermore, Bryan Lee Ministries shall forever be guided by certain principles of integrity, including, but not limited to:

  • I will never beg for money. My needs are and always will be met by my God and by my giving; we will receive offerings, but with God’s help,  I will always endeavor to teach people how to receive from God in their own finances.
  • No organization, denomination, or church will “sponsor” The Heart of The Believer. I will never seek sponsorship from any commercial interest. Therefore, no man will ever tell me what to preach or teach, and I will ever remain free from their “religious correctness.”
  • I will not borrow money. If and when this ministry grows, it will not be with borrowed money. My partners can rest assured that not one penny of their donations will ever go to pay interest.
  • I will never ask for a place to preach. As surely as The Lord has placed me in this Ministry, He will just as certainly open doors of ministry that no man can shut.
  • I will guard the privacy of my partners and their giving record with my life, if necessary. Never will I sell or reveal even one name of my partners to any one, for any reason, at any price. As my Partner, I covenant with you that I will daily pray for you, and regularly correspond with you, and to never use that correspondence to get money from you, but rather to help you get your needs met. Our Partners pray for us, and financially support us regularly. As Partners, we share anointing, gifts, and recognize each other as family. We are in this together, for life.

Your Partner,