Statement of Faith

“I Believe The Whole Bible”

Really! This is simple, friends. It takes a religious mind to get confused on this subject, so I am going to deal with some of the error, because Jesus said we nullify the Word with our traditions. (Mark Chapter 7.)

Below are some destructive traditions that even reputable Christians cling to; followed by my statement of faith concerning them. For more information, listen to the Heart of The Believer on KLTT, I’ll be dealing with them daily.

1. Christians are really just forgiven sinners. Answer: Nothing could be further from the Truth.  If the Redemptive Work of Christ is insufficient to remove the sin nature from us, we’re doomed.

2. God Heals sometimes, sometimes He doesn’t. Answer: The moment He refuses to heal anyone who comes in faith for healing, He would cease to be God. Your Healing is an accomplished Bible fact. The problem is always on the receiving end. Download our Healing Scriptures Audio Book for free: Remember, healing removes sickness and or disease. Healing may not include the restoration* of an amputated limb (or the removal of fat, or the re-growth of hair!) If that limb is gone, it is not sick, and therefore healing would not apply. Furthermore, some critics have argued that a faith teacher should never use glasses. Well how about binocluars? You see how silly these arguments can get. My eyes are not sick, just because I use reading glasses. Restorative* miralces, and other gifts of the Spirit listed in 1 Corinthians 12 are at His will. Healing is as I will, through grace and faith, as is salvation. By the way, missing limbs were restored in Jesus’ ministry, and have been as well in  modern times.

3. Prosperity is not for everyone. Answer: All of your Bible heroes were rich, from Adam to Moses, to David,  to Jesus, to Peter and Paul. This subject is so plain, it astounds me that any intelligent person would willingly reject God’s Blessings. If you believe God wants you poor, you will be extremely disappointed when you get to Heaven. Jesus prayed that His will be done on Earth, just like Heaven. Download the Prosperity Scriptures document.

4. God is in complete control of everything. Answer: If you believe that, you would make a pretty good Muslim. God gave complete dominion to Adam in the Garden, without an understanding of that, you’ll be hopelessly stuck in a religious trap of double-talk. My Jesus is not orchestrating car wrecks, cancer, or disaster to teach us anything.

5. Parts of the New Testament have passed away. Answer: Wow! How could anyone reject the Truth to cling to this tradition? I don’t know, but that’s what Mohamed believed, that’s what Joseph Smith believed, God rest their souls; as for me and my house, we embrace everything listed as a Gift in the New Testament, from Tongues to Miracles, from Apostles to Visions.

OK, there’s some more doozies, if you can handle ’em;

6. God allowed satan to torment Job. Answer: No way. It’s really not in very good taste for a child of God to accuse The Father of being at all complicit in such crimes. Adam and Job allowed it. (Job 3:25) The force of fear was dominating Job, satan didn’t even realize it until God told him, “Behold!”

7. Jesus refused to remove Paul’s thorn, and no one knows for sure what the thorn was. Answer:

  • First, The Lord never said, “No” to Paul when Paul was praying about the thorn. If your translation includes the word no in 2 Corinthians 12: 9, it’s wrong, get another translation.
  • Next, the thorn, according to Paul, was a messenger of satan. That word translated messenger is Strong’s word number 32. Aggelos. it appears about 180 times in the Bible.  Most of the time it is translated angel, and 7 times as messenger. The thorn was an evil angel. Not pus in Paul’s eyes, or any other tradition we have concocted.
  • Finally, any child in Sunday School knows that the way to defeat evil spirits is to use The Name of Jesus, not praying to Jesus. Paul must have lost sight of that revelation for a season, but later we read that he gained victory over every evil plot of the enemy, and we should, too.

8. The way to get prayers answered is to just bug God till He finally gives in. Answer: The way to get prayers answered is to find out His will, believe you receive when you pray, and then stand and praise Him for the Answer until you see it. Remember, there are different kinds of prayer, including prayers of faith, intercession, and prayers for justice. There are different principles which apply to these different kinds of prayer. We cannot mix them and expect results. You are not a widow beating on the door of a mean old judge.

9. “I know a ‘good Christian,’ and they didn’t receive.” Answer: Again, it is not in good taste to claim that anyone you know is more righteous than God. There may be many reasons why people you know don’t receive The Promises of God. As for you and I, however, we’re like Caleb and Joshua, if not one other person in this whole generation receives, you and I will enjoy our inheritance, if we believe, speak and walk like they did.

10. God only allows things in my life if He knows I can handle them. Answer: This one is really twisted.  I guess we’re getting this from 1 Corinthians 10:13, but that scrpiture says God does not allow these things, Christians say He does allow them. To me that is 180 degrees off.  Adam allowed the law of sin and death into this planet. You and I allow the curse in our lives not God; either through disobedience or through ignorance we give consent.

Love you guys.